While Perth may have just had it’s wettest winter for some time we hare at Limo Hire Perth are always well prepared. Umbrellas are always on hand, our drivers have great knowledge of Perth and surrounds so if it happens to be a little damp when it’s wedding photo time we usually have a few under cover photo stops available to us to make best opportunity of available time. While we don’t claim to have control of the weather gods it’s surprising how often five or ten minutes can be the difference between showers and with plenty of room in our limos the short “wait for a break” is all fun for all – and for those brave enough to embrace the damp there are some great happy snaps to be had with the groups snuggled up under our large umbrellas and hand towells ready for that little pat down after. We aim to please!


Over the years we here at Limousine Hire Perth have had the pleasure of playing a small part in many same sex commitment ceremonies. We have always considered  “love is love” and that’s all that matters. So it has been very pleasing for us to have same sex marriage finally become legal in Australia and have loving couples be able to celebrate in full. There has been a major upsurge in same sex couples choosing our services and we appreciate being able to assist in a small way with the celebrations on such an important and happy day for all.


ONE – When you have booked a limousine to commence the hire at, say, 6.00pm and complete the hire at, say, 7.00pm, it is very wise to be ready on time. This way you get the full one hour service – if it takes the guests fifteen minutes to get organised and into the limo the clock is ticking and you are using up part of your hire time. The driver may very well have another commitment to get to and would be unable to extend your time. You have paid for the one hour and it is not our fault if your guests are tardy.

TWO – If you have booked for a direct transfer from one address to one address don’t think the deal includes a stop at the local bottle shop, extra detours to pick up or drop off some of the guests or awkward toilet stops. If  you require these arrange prior to the hire – additional time will usually incur additional costs.

THREE – Please don’t be annoyed if the firm asks for additional information such as when you ask for several pick up addresses which are “only five minutes away from each other”. If you are hiring for one hour and the additional addresses involve detouring of the main route, picking up the guests and then getting back on the route the “five minute” detour may take up to fifteen minutes and before you know it you are over the allocated time. If the full address details are supplied we can calculate the time required and avoid awkward uncomfortable situations. The drivers do not wish to arrive late for the next booking because of a couple of “five minute” detours.

FOUR – Emergency toilet stops can be very awkward and unsafe especially when travelling on busy freeways and highways. It is always a good idea to take the opportunity to “spend a penny” before getting into the limo for a longish trip. Safety is one of our major concerns.

FIVE – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! ensure all guests are fit and capable of making the trip (especially the return journey after a big night) and that there is no chance of anyone becoming “physically ill”. We have had some close calls and the last thing we wish to do is refuse entry to a guests who has over-enjoyed the outing. They are a risk of soiling the limo, creating cleanup costs (which no one wants) and, if the limo has a following booking, ruining the enjoyment of the innocent guests who have booked in good faith.

So, plan the booking details, tell any friends or family who are known to be late arrivals that you have booked the limo half an hour earlier than you actually have, and take note of your guests bladders and drinking habits! But most of all – ENJOY YOURSELVES IN STYLE!


Perth’s very own awesome Swan Valley winery region has always been a popular way to spend the day being chauffeured around with families and friends for those special occasions or just any reason (or no reason!) but we have reached a new level of interest over recent times.

With the ever increasing array of venues in the area it’s no surprise to find that our guests will take in six or more hours to visit a number of wineries, distilleries and bars and bistros to get the vibe of a range of offerings, then lunch, then several more outlets as the afternoon moves on. It makes for a very full day in more than one way – but what a way to enjoy a great day and not have to be concerned about finding a skipper or trying to work out if you are under the legal limit to drive. Winery limo tours are an awesome way to go.

And we at Perth Limousine Hire are here to help!


There was an announcement a while back regarding the commencement of works for the underground train line from Bayswater to Perth Airport but not much more. The tunneling is well underway from Bayswater and extends around TWO KILOMETRES with two tunnel grinders – one following the other – doing the job without a lot of fuss. While we here at Limousine Hire Perth offer luxury transfers without you ever needing to touch your luggage and just sit back and sip on your favourite tipple and watch the common people it seems the choice of a darker option under the ground lugging all your travel gear with you will eventually be with us.  Little ol’ Perth is catching up to the rest of the world!




It can be an interesting and awkward time for us sometimes here at Limo Hire Perth. We recently had a call for a limo for a tour/airport transfer which involved a proposal for marriage just prior to the limo arriving. The gent seemed confident of receiving the “correct” answer – but I guess the shock and surprise to the lady concerned could possibly result in the “wrong” reply which would make for an awkward trip to the airport!

Fortunately in this case all went according to plan and the obviously loving couple smiled and snuggled their way to the airport to fly to the lovely lady’s family in Singapore for Christmas with some exciting news. At a visit to Perth’s beautiful Kings Park our driver quietly confirmed with the gent that the answer had been “YES” before congratulating the couple. It would be most embarrassing if he had offered congratulations at the pick up point without knowing the answer first!

Ah – young love – we here at Perth Limo Hire vaguely remember!


With some schools giving students the date of next year’s Year 12 ball a little earlier than previous years we have had a rush of enquiries, many of which have quickly become bookings. We can only assume we are offering a good service at a reasonable price.  Booking a school ball limo may seem like a lot of work and organisation, but we like to think with our experience and friendly service we make the whole process easy for you.

We offer a two way or one way option for up to ten passengers per limo and the “return” option at the completion of the ball is the popular way to go. This leaves the parents to have the evening off and they know their young adults are in safe hands with our professional and courteous drivers. We haven’t lost a single student so far!

Our usual deal is to collect all the guests from one location, cruise to a photo/socialising location (usually Kings Park or South Perth foreshore if the ball is in the Perth city area), spend a bit of time there and then travel on to the ball venue. We allow up to one and a quarter hours for this trip which works out well for our guests – they are not rushed and have plenty of time to relax and enjoy before the formal proceedings. We are then waiting for our guests at the conclusion of the ball to transport them home and even wait while they do a quick change and continue on to an “afters” location.

Contact us for details on what we can offer – we are happy to cater for any special requests/wishes. WE aim to please


Winter is traditionally a slower time of the year with the risk of a wet wedding not as popular as the risk of a hot day and while this year has been no exception we have plenty of busy times ahead and school ball limo enquiries for next year are already upon us. Of course we are happy to cater for wedding limos any time of year and all other occasions – we won’t let a little rain spoil your parade (so to speak) and we always have umbrellas on hand just in case!

When you receive notification of the date for your school ball it is a great idea to lock in your school ball limo for the event earlier rather than later. This way you are assured of one less hassle at the last minute and you get to choose what you want instead of taking what is left available at the last minute.
ONE – Confirm how many guests are in your group – this way you know what size limo you require. It doesn’t make sense to book a sixteen seat Hummer if you have ten passengers – that’s way expensive!
TWO – When you contact the limo firms have the date, number of passengers, pick up time and address (or at least the area), the arrival time for the ball and the venue and whether you require a one way service or a return trip at the conclusion as well. This way you have all the information supplied in one go and no emails/texts back and forth and back again.
THREE – Price is always important but make sure you will get what you pay for. Check the firms website and beware of Gumtree and Facebook ads – there are unlicensed operators out there with old and illegal limos and the cheap price may turn out to be a bad idea on a very important night.
FOUR – Once you have chosen the limo the firm will no doubt require a deposit to lock the booking in. Get each guests share of their deposit right up front – this way if anyone cancels you at least keep their share to cover the cost.
FIVE – Choose a Wedding Car and Limousine Association member’s limo – they guarantee all correct licences, insurances, code of ethics and all members have so much experience with school balls they will offer handy tips and suggestions for photo stops etc. Also, arrange a play list on a phone or ipad so you can cruise along to your favourite tunes. Most firms have a range of music but having your own is a guarantee of your “special” choices.

One of the most important days in a loving couple’s relationship is their wedding day. And although choosing transport for the day may be a small part of the overall planning involved it is never the less most important. Here are some handy hints –
ONE – Choose a reputable company with good credentials. Limousines Unlimited is a member of West Australia’s leading relevant association (Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA) and as such abide by their strict code of ethics and strive to be the best we can at what we do and realise the importance of being reliable and on time and prepared to be flexible, caring and understanding of the stresses of the day.
TWO – Quite often it makes sense (and saves money) to use the same limo to first pick up the groom and groomsmen and drop them to the ceremony venue then collect the Lady of the Day and bridesmaids and return to the venue. Of course the amount of time the guys spend waiting for the bride won’t work in all cases but it’s worth keeping as an option.
THREE – Gumtree and Facebook are home to a number of unlicenced operators who do not have the correct licences and insurances and while the price may be appealing, if (dare we say) something was to go pear shaped things can get very messy.
FOUR – If the wedding is in summer enquire regarding the situation with vehicle air conditioning – especially in some of the older classic 1950’s style cars. Most of these were not originally equipped with air conditioning and heavily layered bridal gowns and suits can get quite uncomfortable with only a open window to compensate.
FIVE – Sometimes older relatives find it difficult to spend the whole night celebrating at the reception. If you have the limo picking up the bride and groom at the conclusion of the reception it may be worth considering getting them in earlier and dropping the said relatives home and returning for the bride and groom.
SIX – Don’t hesitate to go to the trouble of viewing the limo before booking. While pictures give you a good idea of what you are paying for it is worth inspecting the vehicle to confirm what you have seen in the pictures for quality and check for interior space etc in the vehicle and accessibility for the bride in all her finery etc.
SEVEN – We shouldn’t even dare mention this, but enquire what the back up plan for the firm is in the event of a breakdown on the day.
As members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association we network with fellow members and have been able to assist on a couple of rare occasions when a puncture or other unforseen circumstance has occurred (but not to us thankfully!).

Our wedding guests are most impressed with the awesome sunny weather persisting into April. While we can’t really take credit for that we can smile along with them as they enjoy the days and evenings celebrating a Very Important Occasion. And of course being treated like Royalty (and they are to us!) is just part of our service. We are proud to be members of Perth’s Wedding Car and Limousine Association and uphold their values and make the day as easy and awesome as we can in our small part of proceedings.

With the recent and sad decision of the Kings Park Botanical Gardens Board to disallow parking anywhere along Fraser Avenue (due to safety concerns?) we have been relieved to find that on at least school ball nights they have made allowances for limos to park in front of Frasers Restaurant so the young ladies and gents can still score their happy snaps before the official proceedings at the ball. Common sense here but disappointing for all our other guests, some from interstate and overseas, to have to traipse from a car park to take in Perth’s awesome city and river views for a short time.

Wedding “season” is in full swing and we have had a great run with the weather. There have been a couple of exceptions but all our bridal parties have embraced the situation and realised that although we have umbrellas, undercover photo location suggestions, waterproof limos and great friendly drivers, there are limits to our ability here at Limo Hire Perth to change the weather on any given day. Of course some of the average weather can result in some awesome photos to laugh at when re-living the day! Congratulations and well done to all our fantastic fun loving guests. 22nd February 2017.

Great to find that the Christmas and New Year period has not been interrupted by any serious misadventure to our families and friends and that’s hopefully a good omen for a great 2017 for everyone! Wishing everybody All The Best!! 1st January 2017

We here at Limo Hire Perth are very deep thinkers and as such with Christmas fast approaching we would like to share our ideas on re-gifting.
We love the thought of receiving presents (and giving them also) but sometimes the incoming goods deserve a different home to ours. The important thing is to ensure the new home we relocate the goodies to does not upset the giftor. To ensure this we suggest you should keep a cupboard area aside with the unrequired presents and tag each with who they came from. This way you can be sure they are relocated to a person from a different group of friends or relatives and most importantly not to the person you received the goodies from! Words of wisdom from your friends here at Perth Limo Hire.8th December 2016

Be wary of some unlicensed limousine operators who are operating in the Perth area. We have seen a couple ourselves (and reported them to the authorities) and heard several other reports of unscrupulous persons using older stretch limos in poor condition with incorrect or no registration, insurance, no driver’s licence and conning good people into what turns out to be poor service and poor ethics. As the saying goes – if sounds too be true it usually is. A cheap price can bite you. We here at Perth Limo Hire and the Wedding Car and Limousine Association like to think we offer great service at a fair price with fully licenced, insured and accredited vehicles and drivers. 28th November 2016

The sun has finally arrived and the lead up to Christmas is keeping us busy. As well as weddings and social bookings the ocean cruise season is upon us and airport transfers as well. We cater from two to ten passengers per limo and network with other firms when the larger groups require luxury transport. We are here to help you celebrate in style! 12th November 2016.

We are proud members of The Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Changes to limousine and ride sharing rules and regulations are in the wind and although the changes won’t alter the excellent and cost effective stretch limousine service offered to our Perth patrons it may mean that ride sharing services will be required to pay tax and GST. Some already do but it would be nice if all businesses worked on a level playing ground. Watch this space. 9th November 2016 Interesting to note that a recent online news article quoted a commercial airline pilot reporting to work with an alcohol reading of .03 and he was (according to the rules) fine to pilot an A380 with 400 odd passengers. The allowable reading for pilots is 0.039 (if you blow 0.40 you can’t fly the plane!)
Limousine drivers have a upper limit of 0.00 (NIL) which means we have tighter regulations than some commercial airlines. You can trust our drivers to be in complete control – as for some airline pilots……? 5th November 2016

Confusing news from Kings Park management recently with their decision to ban all parking along Fraser Avenue which is the main street in Kings Park where we could park for 5 or 10 minutes for our guests, very often interstate and overseas tourists, so they could admire the beautiful view of Perth city and river etc. A while back the decision was made to ban parking for cars etc but a strip along the road was assigned for limousines for short term parking. Now everyone including limos are required to park in one of the car parks away from Fraser Ave and walk to the the awesome viewing area. The management is citing safety as their concern and while the Pokemon thing created crazy times for a while that has virtually been and gone and there is no reason limos can’t have strip allocated for their use. The Wedding Car and Limousine Association is appealing the decision.1st November 2016

Damp weather hasn’t stopped our limo guests enjoying their togetherness time out limo-ing whether it be a casual winery tour or an evening out here at Perth Limo Hire. Our weddings have also mainly fallen between showers which s great for everybody. Of course before we know it the sun will be shining brightly!

Our testimony of the week comes from Emma who says – “I wanted to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and say a MASSIVE thank you to Limousines Unlimited for your service last night. My mum absolutely loved the experience and we have never been treated with such politeness and respect. You go above the call of duty and the small extras in the package just made the experience the best time”.

We don’t know much about photography here at Limo Hire Perth – you only have to check out our gallery for examples of our average ability to take a happy snap  –  but we were most impressed at Kelsey and Chris’s recent wedding where the photographer from All About Image Photography Perth was handing out some excellent tips to the bride such as “if you start to shed a tear during the ceremony don’t look down, continue to look ahead because the photos will show your emotion” and “keep looking ahead – don’t get distracted and start looking around – it’s better to focus on the moment”. The photographers were also very patient and nothing was too much trouble and some of the unusual shots/poses impressed us amateurs no end. Of course the bridal party were a pleasure to play with which always help! Well done to all.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

It took a little time but eventually we here at Perth Limo Hire realised that the hordes (many thousands on some nights!) at Kings Park walking around staring at their phones weren’t lost and Googling their way out but chasing little Pokemon Go thingies. The brave new world is a wondrous thing but we here at Wedding Limo Perth will rise above the temptation to join them. We could say that at least the game keeps you off the streets but it’s exactly the opposite!

Here at Limo Hire Perth our school ball guests continue to impress us with their good manners, respect for each other and great and happy behavior. We are intrigued a little by the trend for quite a few groups to ignore our current/latest release music and plug in their own tunes which feature really “old” tunes from the eighties and even seventies – and they are all loving it! Bon Jovi, Queen, Wham, Iron Maiden, Beach Boys and many more – all the “classics” (to us anyway). Our guests are so young and the music is so old yet we have had numerous occasions of this! We can only assume they have caught on to the stuff their parents played around the house and in the car etc as they grew up – and so many of the young ones love it! Retro indeed.

Being a member of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA, we here at Perth Limo Hire find just ONE of the many advantages  is the notification system we have between all members to warn each other of any traffic hazards/holdups around time as they occur. It can be a great help to have the advice and take an alternative route and/or allow extra time to get to the job on time – especially those wedding limo bride pick ups! The lady of the day is under enough stress without finding her limo is stuck in traffic!

Yet again we find Perth’s ignorant and poorly behaved drivers in the news. We here at Wedding Limo Hire Perth are the best and safest drivers – it’s a shame not all of the rest of Perth’s road users are up to our standard! We are very caring and sharing and experienced and allow plenty of room for the less patient drivers to do their thing. It may take a few extra seconds to get where we want to go but our record of arriving safely and on time stands for itself! School ball limos, limo winery tours, limo cruise ship transfers, wedding limo hire, airport limo transfers and much more – we do it all – safely.

School hasn’t even started yet but we here at Limo Hire Perth have already “hosted” three school balls! The private schools have been keen over the last few years to get the balls out of the way as early as possible so students can concentrate (in the schools’opinion) on more important  things for their final year. From our point of view we take it as it comes but once again we are pleasantly surprised by our well mannered and respectful passengers. As for some of their music choices, well….

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

From time to time we have a group of tourists wishing to take in the sights of Perth and leave us to choose the “best” spots. That includes (to us anyway) a cruise to Fremantle including the Cottesloe coastal area, the other scenic coastal cruise along Triggs to Hillarys, through the city and Northbridge and of course Kings Park and the river areas. If time permits we can always include the Peppermint Grove river route (at present including the half built Taj on the Swan house thingy). Depending on the guests requirements and timing we can include the Swan Valley winery area. We certainly aren’t the biggest city in the world but we can impress with our easy going clean and pretty city and surrounds – these are the comments we receive from our international guests.

Ah the young people of today! Give them a hole in the ground (Belvoir Amphitheatre), a DJ, a turntable and some records and it will keep them entertained for hours! – AND they return to the limo very well behaved. We guess the D & A have worn off by that time!

We here at Limousines Unlimited were fortunate enough to take a tour of Elizabeth Quay recently we can tell you it is a hive of activity! It may not draw plane loads of tourists just to see it but the locals will enjoy visiting at least once and since the sale of all the newly created real estate will almost cover (if not fully cover) the overall cost it sounds like a solid move. Yes! Yes! some will assure us it’s a waste of money but as we just said the blocks finally sell it will be a win win for all. Let’s hope they have a few limo parking bays for the admirers.

From time to time we hear talk back radio discussing the finer points of driving which a surprisingly large number of West Australian drivers have trouble understanding – such as merging and using roundabouts. As much as we here at Perth Limo Hire are perfect drivers we dislike having to take evasive action because some other drivers are not as good as they should be. The Department of Transport has information on these topics but a tv education campaign using funds from speeding fines etc would really help. Short and sweet maybe using the New Zealand term “merge like a zip” with a short video would educate and surprise(!) a few people.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

There are some great restaurants in Subiaco – we here at Limos Perth have our clients expel their virtues regularly when we collect them after a great evening out. However, according to Rob Broadfield who is a food critic with the West Australian, SubiDoo is not one of them. We have not had clients or ourselves visit the restaurant but with a very scathing review and his lowest ever score of 5 out of a possible 20 he either caught them on a very bad day or perhaps it’s one to either try for your own review or maybe avoid?!

Limousine airport transfers are a popular and classy way of starting your overseas holiday and the return trip home at the completion of your marvelous experience. Our well dressed caring and sharing drivers load and unload your luggage, have cool drinks, mints and music waiting for you upon entering the limo and get you there in safety, comfort and style. We still call Australia home and it’s a great way to pamper yourself. Of course concert limos, wedding limos, school ball limos, winery tour limos and much more – we cater for all.

Cruise ship transfers and winery tours are just a couple of the occasions we here at Perth Limo Hire cater for and we have the pleasure of helping celebrate these and many other events in our professional and caring and sharing way. We can customise your every wish into our planning and make the day easy and enjoyable. And that’s just the beginning!

Limo hire Perth is easy when you choose us. We like to think we are courteous, caring understanding and can cater Perth limo hire to suit your wishes once we have the number of passengers, the required pick up times and address, duration of hire and/or the return pick up time and destination. Once we have these details we can offer a firm quote and availability and organise the booking to suit your exact wishes. Wedding limos, funeral limos, divorce celebration limos, school ball limos – you name it we cover it. Here at Limo Perth we aim to please! Whether it be a wedding limo, winery limo, school ball limo or any amd all limo occasions we are here to help.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Wedding limousine hire in Perth is just one of our popular hire occasions and we can cater for up to ten passengers in one limo. We also have baby seats available for the young flower girl or page boy whose job it is to impress the guests with their cute entry – along with the bride of course!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Well, our very first 100th Birthday celebration went very well and the very lovely, lively and very alert birthday girl seemed to take it all in her stride (with a little help from Limos Perth). Busy day what with reading all those congratulatory letters from The Queen, Governor General, Prime Minister, WA Premier and many more. 100 and not out – that’s far more than the whole Australian cricket team could muster!

We are to undertake our very first 100 year old birthday transfer shortly! We have helped celebrate quite a number of important birthdays but none so momentous. We may even get to see the Letter From The Queen which you apparently receive for the occasion. We are told to expect more of these century celebrations as the doctors work out how to keep us ticking for many more years than ever before!

As if new roads aren’t exciting enough! Here at Perth Limos we are just beginning to see changes in the Scarborough beachfront area as it moves to become the next big Happening Thing. Sure it will take some time the the seeds are sown and we can’t wait for the changes –  it will make Cottesloe look pretty second rate!

Wedding Limo Hire Perth is just one of the occasions we cater for – limo winery tours, hens nights, school ball limos, limo airport transfers and any other gatherings are what we like to be involved with. We also cater for funeral limo hire – we transport the living and follow the hearse which caters for our dearly departed. It’s nice to have the family travel together to pay their last respects.

Exciting times in West Australia and for us at Wedding Limos Perth with the Tonkin Highway area around the Leach and Roe Highways intersections seemingly having a new entry/exit/overpass every time we visit the area. When the deal is finally completed (apparently ahead of schedule! and on budget!) we can see the traffic flow will be greatly improved. Now if we can educate some of the non limo drivers to use it correctly…..

We cater for all occasions including the living and the dearly deceased (we carry the living and follow the hearse which caters for the deceased at funerals) and our Gallery page on Limousines Unlimited has happy snaps of lots of our satisfied guests whether it be for wedding limo hire WA, school ball limo hire or any other occasion. We aim to please.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

We have been surprised with the number of 60th birthday celebrations we have been involved with in recent times but when you consider the “baby boomers” are not as young as they used to be it’s to be expected. Of course they may be aging but they they are all still young and cool! Naturally the younger generation may disagree – but then what would they know – the boomers created most of the creature comforts they take for granted. Here at Limos Perth we understand these older coolys!.

A large number of school formals are held at the beginning of the year (some even before the school year commences!) but there are still a number of school ball limos required in the middle of the year leading up to the school holidays and with some luck the cooler weather will not include showers at an inopportune moment. Of course we have umbrellas on board and we have some “secret” undercover spots for photo opportunities should the need arise. Here at School Formal Limos we try to please!

Here at Limousines Unlimited we set a record recently for the most visits to establishments in the Swan Valley in a six hour period. ELEVEN locations were included and the happy travellers seemed intent on tasting  but not necessarily purchasing as many variations of wine (and a couple of beers as well) in the time available. Lunch was a quick affair also – no casual dawdling just a burger and beer. we don’t normally count the places visited but these racked up early and quickly and we couldn’t help but notice! All were well behaved and we assume the tastings were the small variety as opposed to great gulpings. Interesting

The Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA is the leading group for our industry and we are proud to be members. The association is always looking for ways to improve customer service and our “Hotline” initiative works well for members and customers alike. The deal is for members who are unable to assist with a quote from an enquiry because they are fully booked at the particular time required to offer to the customer to place their enquiry onto said hotline to all our members and if any have availability they email direct back to the customer with a quote. We have had very positive feedback from many customers who appreciate the option to contact a large range of limousine options especially in the busy times when it saves them many individual contacts to companies only to find they are already booked. So whether it be for a wedding, school ball, winery tour or social outing we aim to please.

Handy hint – Limousines have an exemption (similar to taxis) so baby capsules and child seats are not required when travelling providing the baby is nursed by a seat belt wearing adult and the child is wearing a seat belt. While we can supply a baby seat or booster seat on request providing we have room in the boot to store before and after use (depending on prior and later booking requirements) it’s handy to know you have the option to bring your own or take advantage of the exemption.

We like to think our drivers here at Limousine Hire Perth are very safe, caring and sharing and courteous and as such we try to allow for the “other” type of drivers by keeping our longish limos in the left lane as often as possible, leaving plenty of room between us and the vehicle in front, giving plenty of indication before changing lanes and being very wary when merging, especially since some drivers don’t seem to be aware of  our vehicle lengths and from time to time try to merge with the back half of a limo. Our system seems to work successfully and we will keep our fingers crossed for our customers and fellow travellers as we cruise the beautiful city and surrounds of Perth. We cater for all occasions including wedding limos Perth, winery tours and school ball limos in Perth.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA and often network with other members to accommodate larger groups for the winery tour Perth, school ball limo Perth, wedding limo hire Perth and any other event. We aim to please!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Here at Perth Limo Hire we assist with funerals at times (we cater for the living family members and follow the hearse which caters for the deceased). Maybe we’re old fashioned but a recent funeral for a youngish gentleman who had apparently succumbed to cancer involved the family members wearing shirts with “F#ck Cancer” in large print on them. One or two used the letter “U” instead of “#” . Now we all agree with that comment but not too sure the funeral is the place for it. Lovely family and we understand their grief and the crap which cancer causes, but…….

Wouldn’t it be exciting if there was some limousine drop off/pick up provision for the great many events at the great Perth Arena in the city when the Northbridge Link comes to life. Our Wedding Car and Limousine Association has made enquiries to the relevant authorities but they are very non committal. We may have to persevere with our alternative arrangements for some time but an improvement would be awesome! All limousine hire is our game whether it be wedding limo hire, school ball limos, winery limos or any other limo occasion we at Perth Limo Hire aim to please.

We here at Wedding Limo Hire Perth are very experienced with weddings (the transporting of very special passengers part anyway) and as such like to think we can be relied upon for prompt and reliable service in the most caring and sharing and professional way with spotless limousines and all round great service. We also cater for limo winery tours, school ball limos and much more.

As proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association we network with fellow members to cater for everyones wishes and this includes offering several limos as required to cover larger groups and cruise the streets in “convoy” for lio winery tours, school ball limos and any other occasion. W aim to please!

We are proud to announce that so far this season’s young adults celebrating their last year at high school can be very proud of themselves (as far as we can see anyway). Their manners and attitude to each other and ourselves is excellent and it appears our future is in safe hands!

Here at Limousine Hire Perth we like to think of ourselves as safe drivers and always remind passengers to wear their seatbelts. It is a requirement of the laws of the land and you never know when you may wish you were wearing one. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

We are proud members of The Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Summer brings with it the outdoor concert season and we have enjoyed a number of our guests taking in the action with plenty more to come. One recent concert involved our guests with their unusual music going to a concert with no music groups – just record players! When I was a boy things were different………!  Very well behaced and respectful young people regardless of their odd entertainment choices.

Bucks nights can be a little “interesting” at times but the last few we have been involved in the guests have been well behaved and respectful even when several different drinking establishments have been involved! It’s really good to see some gents have worked out  that you can have fun and celebrate your mate’s upcoming nuptuals  without everyone totally embarrassing themselves. Great to see common sense prevailing.

Stretch limousines can be a very reliable, convenient and cost effective way to solve your transport method to and from your choice of outing – whether it be family, friends or anyone else. Splitting the cost can very well be less cost than taxis and you all travel together in class, take in a scenic cruise along the coast or Kings Park or any other location and can enjoy a quiet alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage along the way. And no waiting/wishing /hoping for that taxi at the end of the night. Sounds great to us!

Winery tours are always popular whether it be rain, hail or shine. We pick up the guests from one or more addresses, cruise to the Swan Valley and if the guests have not already chosen their favourite spots to visit we have the winery area tourist maps on board to select as we go. Lunch can be at one of the venues or bring your own picnic hamper and lunch by the river – we know several great scenic spots to enjoy. Of course it’s not only wine – there are distilleries, breweries, chocolate, cheese and ice cream factories and much more. All at our doorstep. Your wish is our command!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Wow! Little ol’ Perth is really growing up. Freeways (without tolls!), a railway all the way to Mandurah, an actual (Graham Farmer) road tunnel – you know you’re in a big city when you have a road tunnel! – traffic jams,  and soon to have an underground railway (for about 300 metres), an underground bus tunnel (for about 300 metrs also) and the river inlet thingy near the Bell Tower! Where will it all end? So much to see as you take a city limousine tour in one of Perth Limousine Hire’s stretch limos!

Being on the road a fair amount of the time our drivers see plenty of poor driving – we ourselves are perfect of course – and tailgating, running red lights, failure to understand the merging principle and inattention concern us most. As well as ourselves we have passengers on board to consider and fortunately our experienced, patient and very aware drivers have never been involved in an incident (and we will do our best to keep that intact) but the theory that Perth drivers are the worst in Australia may not be too far from the truth. And as for those mobile phone/texting drivers…..

Another 90 year old/young birthday cruise and another sprightly lady really enjoying her senior years to the full. We cruised via a few of her old haunts and the guests laughed (and drank) aplenty! Great day out for all.

Concert transfers are very popular, cost effective and convenient when you deal with Limousine Hire Perth. We can pick up the guests from one or several addresses, take in a casual cruise along the way to the concert (or a nearby restaurant for a pre event meal) and be waiting at the conclusion of the concert to transfer everyone safely home. Sounds like a great idea to us! Of course we cater for all occasions including limo winery tours, school ball limos, wedding limos, cruise ship limo transfers and airport limo transfers. At Limo Hire Perth we aim to please.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car And Limousine Association and as such abide by their code of ethics  and appreciate being part of Perth’s  leading  industry group. Our members are required to uphold the very highest standards, quality in service, limousines and dress codes and are guaranteed to be fully insured and licenced. Clients using our members are guaranteed quality and reliability of the highest standard. We also work together with other limousine firms for those big jobs which require several limousines so our clients are not chasing a number of limousines from various firms – we can do a “one stop shop”.  We like to think we can all be relied upon to be on time in spotless limousines and courteous and caring drivers. It makes great sense to deal with the professionals in the industry.

We specialise in weddings and although transport is only a small (but important) part in the proceedings we like to think we offer a professional service to make the day as smooth and safe and happy as possible. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference and tyre covers, red carpet, sewing kits, plenty of ice and water always on hand, umbrellas (dare we mention!), caring and knowledgeable drivers, and immaculate limousines are all part of the service and we customise each event to suit your exact wishes.

Occasionally our wedding groups  score a wet day for their Big Day. None of us have much control of this and we can all make the best we can of the situation and embrace the importance of a loving couple choosing to join in marriage – rain, hail or shine. With some great photos already scored as the bride and bridesmaids prepare in the “dry areas” and the same for the groom and groomsmen it’s a case of out with the umbrellas as required and off to the ceremony venue. As for the after ceremony photos if there is a little dampness around our drivers work with the photographers to arrange dry photo venues as best we can and if the group scores a little moisture along the way the resulting photos can really be a lot of fun and very special – especially after the event as you relive the day!   Of course let’s spare a thought for the driver who is the first one out into the moisture and the last one in!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Here at Perth Limo Hire it appears there is hope for us all “moving forward” if the current crop of School Ballers are any indication. They have all been exceedingly well behaved and well mannered and intelligent examples of ourselves when we were younger (the older we get the better we were)! – and even their taste in music is quite often really enjoyable. It seems our future is in great hands if this is any indication! Let’s hope they remember us as they age into important birthday limos, wedding limo hire, winery limo tours, party limos, cruise ship limos and airport limo transfers.

Cruising the oceans in style  has become very popular of recent times and what better way to start and finish the experience than transferring from home to ship and ship to home again in a stretch limousine. Sip your favourite tipple as you cruise to the cruise in comfort and style! Wedding limo hire, winery limo tours, airport limo transfers, school ball limos, concert limos – we can do it all!

The Department of Transport has inspectors on the roads from time to time  and while our understanding is their time is mainly taken up with dealing with the taxi industry (we have all heard the stories!) from time to time they will inspect a stretch limo or two at the popular spots (Kings Park etc) while their guests are out of the limo for photos etc. A quick check of licence etc and all is good. We have had the check a couple of times and want our clients to understand that we personally are not being targeted or doing anything wrong – it’s just part of the system. Here at Perth Limo Hire and being proud members of The Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA we can be relied upon to have everything in order and tip top shape.

Limo hire Perth is very popular with our guests who wish to have a classy, comfortable, reliable (and on time) means of travelling to and from concerts and festivals and this summer has been no exception. Our limos cater for such concert limo hire, wedding limo hire, school ball limo hire and every other occasion (including funerals!) and when the fee is split between the guests it is very cost efficient. At Limousines Unlimited we try to please with ease. Of course we can customise any occasion to suit your wishes – we try to please!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

With the school ball season well under way we at Perth Limos have conducted our annual “straw”poll and found that for the third year running the Hyatt Hotel has scored more school balls than any other venue. We base this on the number of school ball limousine bookings we have (both completed and forward) and discussion with other firms.  We guess the Hyatt has a formula which suits many schools and students and budgets and they also have two different size ballrooms available which caters for various student numbers. On some occasions there are even two  school balls on at the same venue at the same time – one in each ballroom! In previous years the Convention Centre was popular but not all that common any more.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

At Limousines Unlimited we strive to be the best we can be and offer the very highest level of customer service. Our Perth Limos are always immaculate and freshly stocked with ice and complimentary bottled water, glasses, music to suit the occasion and arrive on time all the time. We like to think that limousine hire in Perth is made easy when you choose us and we are happy to spend time to customise and detail each booking to suit your exact requirements. Wedding limos, concert limos, winery tours, school balls, family events – we cater for everyone and every occasion. Contact us – you won’t be dissappointed!

We here at Limousines Unlimited are proud members of the Wedding and Limousine Association WA and as such we keep abreast of developments within the industry, abide by their code of ethics and network with other members. As a group we are always ready to assist other members where we can and on the rare odd occasion have been able to help when an awkward occasion arises. If you wish to visit our website – www.weddingcarswa.asn.au – there is a variety of information and FAQ’s which may assist when considering hiring a limousine.

Something a little different recently with the groom choosing to fly his own helicopter to the wedding ceremony venue and the Bride choosing to travel in the traditional limousine. Probably a good decision for the bride – you wouldn’t want that beautiful gown getting caught in the rotor blades! Of course we cater for all occasions including school balls, concert limo hire, limo winery tours, cruise ship transfers etc.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Perth Limo Hire offers stretch limousines for all occasions including Belvoir concerts, Sandalford concerts, Perth tours day and night, Perth Cup transfers, Melbourne Cup transfers, school ball limo, wedding car hire, cruise ship transfers, corporate transfers and events, airport transfers,funeral limo hire, Swan Valley wine tours, dinner transfers, birthdays, Perth sightseeing tours, hens nights, buck nights, divorce party limos and much more. At Limo Hire Perth we offer the very best in service and quality and cater and customise each booking to suit your exact wishes and our kind and courteous drivers make every occasion memorable for all the right reasons.

Here at Limo Hire Perth we hear all kinds of music. Some older guests play “young peoples” music, some younger guests bop along to “old peoples” music and some guests listen to Necro.  Our drivers are more interested in driving safely and zone out from the rear compartment but a couple of them have reported back that they couldn’t help but hear the (loud) sounds that come out of Necro’s mouth and we are hearing and learning some “interesting” lyrics – even if they come at you very quickly and solidly. Each to their own? Interesting that some of the young ladies bop along/sing along with this style of music!! If you haven’t experienced it before take a sample – we think (without being any kind of experts) that Necro is king of this type of rap – but we’re not sure that’s such a good thing?

We don’t have any photos of our guests living it up for the Justin Bieber concert – we couldn’t take the chance on someone thinking we were taking pics for the wrong reasons! Lots of lovely young ladies (and not many guys!) and some mums as well soaking up the sensation. As for us drivers – we listen to the tunes in the limos but not one of us is yet to become a Belieber!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

As the days and evenings warm up so does stretch limousine demands. It’s been very busy leading up to Christmas with work functions, concerts (both indoor and outdoor) weddings and general social events. One thing for our clients to keep in mind (and we explain all this when they book a limo) is that the booking time begins at the prearranged start time and if some guests are still to arrive at the pick up address or slow to embark into the limo the clock is ticking and a one hour booking can quickly become a half hour direct transfer – especially when we have other commitments booked in after the current one. Some guests assume the time starts when they eventually get into the limo and can be dissapointed when their cruise finishes “early”. As the saying goes – “time is money” and we refuse to upset our guests for the next booking by turning up late because the previous group were not well organised.

Oktoberfest time kept us busy at Limo Hire WA with our guests partying up in the appropriate theme dress styles and enjoying great days and evenings out at a variety of venues. But remember – beware the $8 to $10 cost of an empty (!) stein to drink your preferred lager from. And you can’t take last year’s stein either! – new supplies at the venues only. Good little earner for someone here. Limousines WA is a great way to ensure safe and stylish transport to and from all occasions. We won’t dissapoint!

Outdoor concert bookings are rolling in  here at Limousine Hire Perth. Kings Park and the winery venues have a number of great artists booked and the fans are planning their transport well in advance. There’s nothing easy about trying to score a taxi from Herne Hill after a concert! We at Perth Limo Hire cater for groups of up to ten and take the hassle out of the transport part of a great evening out.

We at Limousines Unlimited are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association and as such abide by their code of ethics and interact regularly with fellow members of limousine hire in Perth to assure we are kept up to date with changes to Department Of Transport regulations, wedding venues, best photo locations etc. When you hire our Perth Limousines for wedding limousine hire, school ball limousine hire, winery tour limousine, cruise ship limo transfers or any other occasion we are up to date with the latest information for your best service and comfort.

Winery tours in Perth are popular for birthdays, hens days and just about any excuse for a day out. Our experienced team here at Limo Hire Perth have great local knowledge of the region and always have Swan Valley maps on board as well as tips and suggestions to make the most of your day out in our stretch limousines hire Perth. Great day out with Limousines Unlimited doing our little with our limos Perth bit.

From time to time we at Perth Limo Hire have queries regarding picking up clients in Northbridge at around 3am on a Friday or Saturday night. Unfortunately limousine hire in Perth and Northbridge do not work too well at that time of the morning with some LIVELY incidents and damage to limos (fortunately not ours!) making it a place we don’t want to be at that time. Sorry – it’s not our clients we need to worry about it’s our slow moving Limo Hire Perth targets that we choose not to take a chance on.

We like to think here at Limousine Hire in Perth that although we only speak one language we can effectively communicate with our multi cultural fellow inhabitants. It can create some interesting conversations and moments allowing for some of the heavy accents but we always get the job done and smiles all round with our wedding limousine hire Perth WA and Perth limo hire. We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association of WA and cater for all occasions including wedding limos, winery tour limos, birthday limos, school ball limos, concert limos.

Lovely lively ladies celebrating Angie’s upcoming nuptuals recently with several planned stops during the evening and a couple of unplanned stops as well! It’s all part of the fun here at Perth Limo Hire and they were certainly enjoying the evening.

The Pink concerts have kept our Perth limo hire busy with rave reviews from our guests enjoying a great and energetic  entertainer and shows. Of course we cater for all occasions – weddings, limo winery tours, school ball limos, all social events, cruise ship limo transfers and so much more.

A good cup of coffee at a reasonable price is something Perth Limo Hire drivers are always on the lookout for between jobs and Munchies (AKA Captain Munchies) at 2 Beach St Fremantle (just up from the train station) has a $3 coffee available 24 hours a day and burgers and snacks at a reasonable price also. Very handy and easy to park a stretch limo or two between school ball limousine hire or after a wedding limousine hire when we are down that end of town. We also cater for birthday limousines, limo winery tours, concert limos, family events and all occasions.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Wedding limousine hire in Perth, school ball limos, Perth Limo hire, winery tours, hens nights, concert limo hire  – we have limousines for all occasions. Perth limo hire is what we do and we like to think we do it well. Any age, occasion, special requests – we do it all. Try us out – give us a call.

With the school ball season all but completed for this year we continue to be impressed by the great behaviour and manners of our guests in our Perth limousine hire cars. It’s great to see that the next generation of  leaders (and followers) have a good grounding in how to treat the people around them (at least when they are sober ho ho ho ). Of course their taste in music is sometimes surprising to say the least!

Wedding limousine hire is something we specialise in and we like to think our drivers are caring and sharing and happy to help out with those little things that don’t quite magically fall together as everyone would like. We are always on time (even a little early to load eskies etc, our Perth limousines all have first aid kits, little emergency kits with needles, thread, pins, scissors etc, the red carpet treatment, wheel covers (to keep that beautiful wedding gown off the tyres), straws to keep the ladies lippy all good and lots of other little tricks. Our record for a bride arriving late to the church is 55 minutes (through no fault of ours of course!). Makeup and hair dramas apparently (she looked fantastic when she finally got into the limo) and was a very happy lady after the nerves settled. We always ask the bride what time she would like to arrive (unless they are running 55 minutes late) and the normal request is 5 to ten minutes “late”. We aim to please and like to think we do that.

are Q – How many limousine drivers does it take to change a light bulb?

A – Only one  – but there is always another limo and driver happy to take the spectators home. (LOL?).

As the cooler and wetter part of the year arrives we find even Perth weddings can be a little challenging at times trying to get the weather gods to play ball with our photo times and locations. We very rarely find the rain is too heavy to play the game and our charming and helpful drivers have a range of sheltered photo locations in mind to offer the newlyweds and photographers as well as plenty of umbrellas and towels. It’s great to see the bridal parties cruise through any little hiccups and the resulting photos from the conditions can be great for a chuckle as the bridal party relive the great day further into the future.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Crown Casino precinct can be interesting at times and with Jersey Boys (what a great show that is!) combined with the usual Friday/Saturday crowds and throw in a corporate ball or similar and the unusual parking spots some punters use you have to be very aware and patient manouvering Perth limos and wedding limousines around the area.  But with our fantastic, intelligent, happy, caring and sharing drivers rest assured we will get you there and pick you up on time with a minimum of fuss. That’s just the kind of guys we are.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

The fly in fly out mining workers deal has been interesting for us. Here at Limousine Hire Perth we have a couple of groups of workers who live in reasonably close suburbs and have pooled their taxi costs and now travel in style with Perth Limo Hire to and from the airport on shift change days. Overall cost is less, travel in style and we are guaranteed to turn up on time! Of course we are available for wedding limousine hire, school ball limo hire, limo winery tours, concert limos, cruise ship transfers, airport transfers and all other occasions.

Alcohol consumption in limousines has been an interesting issue over the years.  We used to have to explain to our clients that while a reasonable amount of alcohol was fine by us as part of the limo experience it was technically illegal and classified as “consuming alcohol in a public place” – same as at the beach, beside a river or in a park. Of course if you are not causing a problem no one minds. We never had a problem but if a keen police officer pulled us over our drivers were ready to say “we warned the passengers etc” (it’s always good to have someone to blame!). After much lobbying to the government The Wedding Car and Limousine Association finally received an official exemption so you can now LEGALLY have a quiet drink on you wedding day or any other day in a limo.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Even in sunny Perth it rains from time to time but our experienced and caring drivers are onto it. We always have umbrellas on hand and are ready with suggestions on undercover photo locations (especially for weddings and school balls) to assist in making the occasion as easy going as we can. After all – it’s part of our commitment and service.

Cruise ship holidays are very popular. It sounds great to only unpack your luggage once for the whole holiday and spend a week or two in luxury taking in what the world has to offer and have the same room and bed each night. We can add to the fun with classy transfers to and from the ship as you sip on your favourite tipple and deliver your luggage right to your front door as you return from that fabulous fancy trip. Here at Limousine Hire Perth we aim to make life easy and comfortable for you to the best of our ability. Of course we also cater for wedding limos, school ball limos, winery limo tours and much more.

From time to time we at Limo Hire Perth meet other drivers from other firms at some of the larger gatherings (school balls, concerts, corporate events etc) and it’s a little dissappointing to see some of the other drivers dressed quite casually with short sleeve shirts, no ties and even sneakers/joggers. We are of the opinion (call us old fashioned) that when you pay for a nice limousine for a special occasion it is expected that the driver will be suited up with dress shoes – certainly in our case! It’s all part of the service here at Limousine Hire Perth.

As professional drivers  here at Limo Hire Perth we like to think we know our way around and a s such we can generally work out the best way to arrive at a destination on time is to know that at times Perth’s freeways and highways get quite busy and slow and there may be a better way to travel than the direct route. We are in regular contact with other companies and between us all we inform each other of unusual hold ups and delays which works for everyone’s benefit. It’s not a good look for a wedding limo (or any other occasion) to arrive late!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA