Review of the month goes to Tahlia who was kind enough to suggest we helped their School Ball start with a fun time – “We had the best time in your limo and the driver was so helpful and fun. He didn’t even complain when we preferred to play our own tunes instead of theirs! We would recommend you to anyone. Thank you”

Limo Hire Perth is happy to announce that we have almost completed our covid re-scheduled weddings and school balls and we both our clients and ourselves are looking forward to a non interrupted future. Thank you so much to all our awesome guests who had so much to deal with  – for us it was “just” a shuffle of dates etc but for a wedding…..WHEW! Congratulations to everyone!

Beach weddings, river weddings, winery weddings, church weddings, park weddings, country weddings, backyard weddings – you name them, we do them here at Limousines Unlimited. We aim to please and over the years we have been proud to do our bit to add to such an important occasion. We cater for all  styles and our drivers all have many years experience keeping our part of proceedings running smoothly. Our favourite words are “Yes we can”.

We here at Perth Limo Hire enjoy a good movie and they don’t have to be recent releases – we are happy to see some for a second time and we don’t forget the good ones. In a recent eight day period we couldn’t help but see the coincidence when we had a single limousine have Four Weddings and a Funeral AND one of our beautiful bride’s name was Daisy! So we were Driving Miss Daisy!                        Then there’s the old saying “small things amuse small minds” but we won’t go there. Of course your special occasion doesn’t have to tie in with a movie name – we are just as happy with winery tours, birthday celebrations, divorces and so much more.

Sometimes I wish we were a little closer to the rest of the world – especially when it comes to long plane trips. But with terrorism and now Covid-19 I consider we are just about the luckiest state/country in the world. And with everyone playing their part in upgraded hygiene and habits we are in a very fortunate position to be starting to return to “the new” normal.                        In our case, having had all the booking cancellations and made a heap of refunds on deposits etc we are now taking bookings for late in the year and well into next year. Thank you to all our clients who have returned to renew bookings and we hope all the re-arranged plans for dates, ceremonies, venues etc ha snot been too stressful. We can’t change the past but we can look forward to better times.

Winery tours here at Perth Limo Hire are always popular regardless of the season and with the sunny times arriving they have ramped up another notch. There are so many distilleries, breweries and wineries as well as many nibble and lunch options it’s a bit of a trick for our guests to create their best choices for the day – and we can’t visit them all! Some have a tasting charge and others don’t and we are here to assist with suggestions if you wish and we always have the local guide maps etc on board. But the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the day (and drink responsibly of course!). And we at Winery Tours Perth are here to help.

With the winter weather doing it’s thing, it was a pleasant surprise to find a fine and sunny Saturday recently for our Limo Hire Perth wedding booking and bridal party. None of us any control over the weather gods but it’s a bonus for everyone on the day. Unfortunately, in this case it was a win in one part and a loss in another. The photographer had his expensive drone complete with expensive mounted camera hovering above the river taking awesome footage of the bridal party at the yacht club when the drone dropped – straight into the river! – and a distance too far out for any brave soul to attempt saving it. After the initial panic/disappointment it was back to the more traditional land based cameras and (hopefully) a successful insurance claim and some fantastic wedding photos!

WOW! The Christmas and New Year season has kept us very busy and it appears there is a hint of optimism from our clients about the coming year after what has been a challenging time for so many. While staff Christmas celebrations/lunches/evenings have been a little lower key in some cases than previous years it is great to see managements/employers appreciating the hard work their teams have put in for the year. And we are not complaining either!

We even had a marriage proposal to finish off the year – AND SHE SAID YES!! – which is always a good answer. Congratulations to the lovely couple who then headed off to Singapore to break the awesome news and celebrate with family and friends.

Once again we have been pleasantly surprised by the great manners and attitude of our school ball guests. Over the years we have had the odd disappointing moment but they pale into the distance with the respectful and happy young ladies and gents we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Of course in some cases their choices of music can be very interesting!

The lead up to Christmas is upon us with corporate celebrations already in swing and keeping us busy. What better way to treat your guests than transport them to and from lunch or dinner in safety and style with Perth Limo Hire. We aim to please! 13th November 2016.

Following the Pokemon craze as below Kings Park has, in our opinion, made a rash decision to ban parking along Fraser Avenue citing “safety reasons”. The Pokemon deal has been and gone and we believe there is no reason not to have part of the Avenue set aside for limousine parking as previous for our often interstate and overseas tourist guests to admire our awesome city and river. Instead the rule now is to use one of the (somewhat distant and inconvenient) car parks and walk to th viewing area. We call this unnecessary an inconsiderate and The Wedding Car and Limousine Association have contacted the relevant authorities to reconsider. Watch this space. 5th November 2016

We here at Perth Wedding Limousines have been amazed recently on our limo visits to Kings Park to find hordes of visitors (up to 10,000 – 12,000 on some nights!) drifting through the place and traffic wardens on hand. At first we thought there must be a major concert on (out of season?) or similar but once we realised the throngs were all staring at their phones we realised it’s all about Pokemon Go and the little thingies they can “catch” there. Ah the modern world – what will they think of next?!

Weddings can be a stressful day especially for the bride who must have SO many thoughts spinning around in her head. We have had a couple of brides over the time who appear to have been stressed out to the point they are snapping at bridesmaids and parents (but thankfully not us).Thankfully all our recent brides and in fact the whole wedding parties have embraced the day with smiles and laughter even when a little hiccup or two occurs. It’s great to see the positive attitudes of all creating a fantastic day. Congratulations to all from us here at Wedding Limos Perth and Perth Limo Hire.

the recent damp weather has not stopped our limo guests from enjoying their togetherness time be it a casual winery tour or evening out with friends. Our weddings have also been conveniently timed to occur pretty much to between showers. with all our guests it has been a case of embracing the situation and make it fun. Works well for us at Limo Hire Perth.

Our marvellous coast is a joy to cruise and Marie did just that for her 50th birthday and even included a couple of “limo virgins” in the deal! Along the coast to Fremantle as the sun set with a special group to enjoy a great evening out with a little help from Perth Limo Hire.

With Perth’s fine weather we are in full swing with school ball limos, wedding limos, cruise ship limos winery tour limos, airport transfer limos and all other occasions keeping our guests happy and safely to and from their entertainment. We aim to please with our prompt and friendly service!

Fringe World is really scoring big points with little ol’ Perthians and to that end we here at Perth Limo Hire are doing our bit to transfer happy groups to and from events and receiving very positive reports from them. Some take in a meal prior to their chosen entertainment and we “collect” them after the event so the local eateries of all sorts are travelling very well during this period. Well done to all involved in bringing Perth alive!

School balls are already in full swing and here at Limo Hire Perth we are once again pleasantly surprised by the well mannered, well behaved, caring and sharing guests we have the pleasure of transporting to and from their great night out. Now it’s heads down for the rest of their final year of high school!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Wedding Limo Hire Perth is happy to accommodate the romantics who wish to tie the knot anywhere anytime and this year we have had Christmas eve and New Years eve booked in for some time. Great family get togethers and celebrate that special time of the year all in one big event!

Summer concert time keeps us busy here at Limousine Hire Perth and whether it’s indoor or outdoor we can assist with cruising to and from in comfort and style. We can pick up our guests from one or several addresses and return them at the completion of a great evening out to one or more addresses as well. We aim to please!

School ball limos are an important and fun part of what we do here at Limousine Hire Perth and it’s exciting to find the array of style and colour our guests have on display. Black, yellow, white, brown, green, red, blue and so many more – and that’s just the guys suits!

We here at Perth Limo Hire like to think we are caring and sharing people who understand that when you book a dinner limo it’s difficult to confirm a return pick up time after a fantastic evening out with family and/or friends. That’s why we do our best to be flexible with the return trip home time. No one is perfect and the food service can be a little slow or you may want deserts or an extra drink or coffee and to this end we can almost always work with a nominated return pick up time and by the time the evening is half/two thirds the way through the guests will have a better ide of the required limo time and if the nominated time was a bit out give us a bit of notice and we can adjust to suit. At Limos Perth we understand!

How romantic is this! – hire a limousine from Limos Perth, cruise with the love of your life to the Swan Valley (playing romantic music along the way), transfer to a horse and sulky (that’s a two person carraige thingy), cruise around the valley for a bit, back into the limo to the drinking establishment you first met your lady love at, then later transfer to a classy Hotel for the night. We didn’t like to ask but assumed somewhere in here there was a proposal and ring involved and we certainly hoped the answer was “YES”. Lovely couple and all the best to them. From later discussion with our drivers the general theme was “back in our day” a simple “here’s a ring – what do reckon” did the job. Ah but times they are a changin….

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

We felt very privileged recently here at Limos Perth to have a small part in the 100th birthday celebrations for a very special lovely, lively lady who was very happy and alert even after reading all those congratulatory letters from The Queen, Governor General, Prime Minister, WA Premier and many more. What a hoot!

Here at Limo Hire Perth we have experienced a recent surge in ship cruise limo transfers and airport limo transfers. We cater for for all occasions and it’s a great way to start and finish your holiday in comfort with your luggage catered for by our caring and sharing drivers. Of course All occasion limo hire is our game whether it be wedding limo hire, school ball limo, winery tour limo, airport limo  or anything else you may require, we at Limos Perth are here to help.

Something a little different – a beach wedding! Cottesloe on a fine day (as this was) is an awesome place as an alternative to the park or church and our beach babies had everything planned just as they wanted. Friends and family all had a great time and avoided the temptation of giving the newlyweds a quick dip!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

As our “baby boomers” reach “maturity” it’s been a trend to celebrate their 60th and 70th birthdays to include limousine transfers and winery tours in recent times. For some they are “limo virgins” – stretch limos hadn’t been invented back in the day and school balls were called “dances” and you rode your pushbike to them! (maybe).Limos Perth tips their chauffeurs hats to our marvellous boomers – the older they get the better they were!

Bucks outings can be quite interesting at times and a recent group chose to take in some go karting prior to a quick lunch and a couple of drinking establishments. It was all good – probably due to the go karts bit being at the beginning and not the  end! Congratulations Luke and crew from us here at Limos Perth.

Airport transfers can be made a little more comfortable when you travel in one of Limo Hire Perth’s stretch limos with your luggage taken care of by our caring and sharing drivers at each end of your holiday and we are happy to be a small part of your relaxing break away from little ol Perth. It’s all part of the service here at Perth Limo Hire. Of course wedding limo hire, school ball hire, winery tour limo hire, airport transfers and all other occasions are all part of what we do here at Limo Hire Perth

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Winery limo tours are just one of the occasions we cater for here at Limo Perth and we always have winery region maps on board for those who may wish to plan a route for the day as we head from suburbia to the Swan valley (which is getting closer to suburbia every year!). So many venues and so little time! Of course we cover wedding limos, cruise ship transfer limos, school ball limos, divorce party limos, concert transfer limos and much more here at Limos Perth.

“No names no pack drills” as the old saying goes but one of our wedding limo bookings a while back involved transferring the bride and groom to their hotel at the completion of the ceremony and our driver regularly reminds us that it was the most unpleasant transfer he can recall. In a “well lubricated” conversation the trip started with the bride suggesting in a very loud voice that her now husband had ignored her family all evening and drunk too much and the groom loudly suggesting his now wife was the alcohol affected one and that the limo should  immediately return to the reception venue. Much “turn around/don’t turn around” instructions etc had our driver confused and somewhat stressed but they all eventually arrived at the hotel uninjured and all our glasses and interior intact! Perhaps it was a way of the newlyweds revving each other up for a wild night of fun??

Ladies night out recently with our guests leaving their partners at home and enjoying a few drinks and fun times at several different venues while we kept the limo ready for the next transfer to the next small bar. All good fun for all with a little help from Limousine Hire Perth. We cater for all occasions including wedding limo hire, school ball limos, Swan Valley winery limo tours, cruise ship limo transfers, airport limo transfers and much more.

Here at Limo Hire Perth we cater for all occasions including funerals – we carry the living relatives/friends – our dearly departed have their own special “limo”. One recent occasion included passengers dressed in full Eagles regalia along with the decorated coffin, heaps of appropriately coloured balloons and the Eagles theme song playing loud and long as the guests exited the chapel. Quite entertaining as everyone celebrated the passed one’s life.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Limousine Hire Perth helped celebrate transporting some overseas guests recently here at Limo Hire Perth and showed them the sights of Perth  which included the river, Kings Park, the city, South Perth, Fremantle and the coastline. We certainly aren’t the biggest city around but our guests were very impressed with the cleanliness and laid back scene – and as for Kings Park overlooking the city and river – MOST IMPRESSED!

Claire’s thirteenth birthday was a hoot with the guests very lively and respectful and the cruise along the coast set the mood for an afternoon of fabulous fun. The return trip was a little more sedate after a big lunch and fun and games slowing them down a little, but still enough energy to bop along to the tunes. Big smiles all round and Limousine Hire Perth was happy to be part of it. Congratulations Claire! We also cater for school ball limos, wedding limos, concert limos, airport transfer limos and much more.

The (AFL) footy season is here again and although we don’t get to see a lot of the local games we spend a fair bit of time transporting supporters to and from the games in style and comfort. Some even come away smiling – especially the supporters of one particular team (at present anyway!). At Limo Hire Perth we aim to please but can’t guarantee the favourable result our guests may prefer. However, we can offer a range of music and videos and drinks (you supply the drinks) to ease the pain  – or increase the happiness!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Perth Arena continues to be very popular  for all kinds of events – and why not? it’s a great venue  – just remember the food and drink available is heading the list of “most expensive purchase at any outing anywhere”. The drop off and pick up points are a little “different” where we can’t drop our guests right at the front door without upsetting some one and we have to explain our pick up arrangement also (which is not outside the front door  either. We all live with the little inconvenience but it would be great if there was some provision with the  Northbridge link etc. Someone should say at this point “Tell him he’s dreaming”!

Happy 21st birthday to Caitlin who celebrated with a night out with her friends recently assisted by Perth Limousine Hire. Very lively yet respectful, caring and sharing and happy young ladies all in a great mood for a great night out – well, at the beginning of their outing in Northbridge, anyway! Congratulations Caitlin from Limo Hire Perth.

Interesting outing recently with a fortieth wedding anniversary complete with the full original wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) and of course the original bride and groom! We revisited the church where the wedding ceremony took place and also the photo locations and reception venue. All still (pretty much) the same as all those years ago! Lots of laughs and memories from the almost life long friends and a great and unusual way to celebrate their milestone! Here at Wedding Limousine Hire Perth we wish you many more happy anniversaries.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA and as such we are always ready to assist with other members to cater for all needs and numbers whether it be a wedding limo, school ball limo, limo winery tour or any other occasion. Check out our Perth Limo gallery page for some happy guests sharing a ride in a Statesman or Ford from Wedding Limo WA.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

In our business we get to see people at their best (most of the time!) and a recent wedding was one of those occasions. Rebecca and Nicholas  and  their wedding party scored some wet and windy weather for their photo shoot along the coast but took it all in their stride with a happy  “lets embrace the moment” attitude and with the help of our umbrellas took the conditions on and have scored some exciting and memorable fun photos as a result. Makeup and hair survived mostly intact and the group really had fun and made the situation  humurous and happy. Awesome!

Ocean cruises are very popular of recent times and what better way to cruise to and from the cruise than in a stretch limousine? It’s a very convenient and classy way to ensure quality transport. Here at Limo Hire Perth we cater for cruise ship transfers to and from Fremantle as well as weddings, divorces, school balls, winery tours, birthday limo tours, concerts, airport transfers, parties and all other celebrations.

Bucks nights can be a little unpredictable at times but we are proud and happy to report that in recent times the guests have been well behaved and respectful of themselves and their transportation. That’s fine by us and great to see! You don’t have to create a mess to enjoy yourselves. Thanks guys from us at Limousines Unlimited!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Our warm summer days haven’t stopped the lively outdoor concert goers from living large and Perth Limo Hire has been busy getting them to and from a variety of venues in style. Concert limo hire , wedding limo hire, school ball limo hire and winery tours are just some of the limo services we offer and we like to think we are friendly, reliable and cost efficient when the limo hire is split between the group. Picking up and dropping our guests to their various homes is all part of the service and we cater for up to ten passengers per limo and often arrange to have several limos cater for larger groups. Your wish is our command!

The school ball season started even before school had returned for the new year! It’s been trending the last couple of years. We guess the four private schools we had bookings for wanted to have the deal done and dusted so the “kiddies” could concentrate on more important (?) subjects in the classroom!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

We have the same situation each year when schools notify the students of the coming school ball dates – some students are notified before school finishes the previous year and others get less notice so enquiries come thick and fast. Every year we get a one or two cancellations after a booking has been made and NON REFUNDABLE deposits paid because the group involved has booked two different limos and one has to be cancelled. From the very first contact we stress that the group needs to get organised and communicate with each other to avoid this problem but …life happens and it comes at a cost to us and the client.

The groom chose to fly himself to his wedding recently in a racy red helicopter while the bride and bridesmaids chose the safer and more traditional limousine method of transport. Probably a good idea with those pesky rotor blades ready to cause havoc with the ladies attire and hair etc. Bright and cheerful (and safe) arrival idea for the day! And everything went according to plan for the fantastic event.

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Cruise ship holidays have become very popular of late and we here at Limo Hire Perth are happy to transfer the travellers to the ship at the start of the cruise and be there when they return. It’s a great, comfortable, guaranteed stress free way to start and finish your fantastic holiday. No need to handle your luggage – we take care of that doorstep to doorstep. Of course we cater for limo airport transfers, limo winery tours, wedding limo hire, concert limos, birthdays, cruise ship transfers and much more – we aim to please.

Here at Limo Hire Perth we cater for all occasions including Belvoir concerts, Sandalford concerts, Perth concerts, Day on the Green, Perth Cup and Melbourne Cup transfers, dinner transfers, wedding car hire, Perth tours day and night, birthdays, school ball limo,Swan Valley wine tours, funeral limo hire, cruise ship transfers, airport transfers, hens nights and bucks nights limo, and Perth sightseeing tours. At Perth Limousine Hire we offer the very best in service and quality and can customise any occasion to suit your exact wishes. We aim to please!

The busy lead up to Christmas started early and is now in full swing with weddings, parties, anything, and some generous employers showing their appreciation to their teams with a great variety luncheons, evenings, specially themed parties and outings and Perth limousine hire doing their bit to have the guests arrive and return home safely. Of course we cater for all occasions including wedding limos, party limos, winery tour limos, cruise ship transfer limos, airport transfer limos, anniversary limos and bucks party limos. Here at Limo Hire Perth we aim to please.

Fancy dress themed Christmas parties have been popular with pirates and movie stars on full show and lots of fun as we at Limousine hire Perth transport the lively guests around the city and suburbs. Of course we cater for all occasions and offer personal service to suit your wishes including wedding limo hire, school ball limo hire, concert limo hire, cruise ship transfers, airport transfers and even funeral limo hire (for family members not our dearly departed!)

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

October is month to celebrate everything German – well, their love of beer anyway. Many happy groups celebrated the season at many venues with a little help from limousine hire Perth WA as a safe and reliable means of getting to and from. Our drivers here at Perth limo hire WA were most amused and appreciative of the Frauleins and junges in appropriate theme dress (and braces). Great day/evening out for all!

Wedding limousine hire is keeping us busy at present with Perth winery tours and Perth concert transfers very popular and social events also. With the outdoor concerts time almost upon us we are taking bookings with guests sorting their transport early and before we know it the end of year school ball limousine bookings will be upon. It’s a great idea to book early at Perth Limo hire.

Birthday parties are popular here at Perth limo hire and a couple of recent ones have included 13 and 14 year olds who have been lively but extremely well behaved. it’s great for us to to see limousine hire in Perth covers all ages and occasions and see our future leaders  enjoying themselves and living the easy life before the real world hits home!

Spring is here and winery tours in Perth are popular with some great sunny weather to explore our fantastic Swan Valley and it’s attractions. Of course it’s a great destination for Perth wedding limousines and Perth limousine tours as well and some of the venues are very popular with Wedding Limousines Perth doing our bit getting the bridal groups safely to their reception venues.

Limousine hire in Perth and our guests have been fortunate to enjoy some fantastic sunny weekends in winter to celebrate weddings and winery tours without trying to dodge the showers. We always have umbrellas, towells etc on hand but the weather gods have been very kind to us here at Perth limousine hire and wedding car hire in Perth. Let’s hope our luck continues for all our guests!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA

Great afternoon had by all the ladies who celebrated several birthdays in the group at Mosmans Restaurant recently. We here at Perth Limo Hire like our guests this way – well behaved and fun – their children should be very proud of them! Of course our limousines are available for all occasions including weddings, school balls, winery tours, cruise ship transfers, airport transfers etc.

Wedding limo hire, winery cruise limo hire, school ball limo hire, limo winery tours, concert limos, airport limo hire, cruise ship limo hire – you name it – we do it. We are happy to assist with any occasion including funeral limos! Your wish is our command!

Ashleigh’s 14th birthday cruise to Kings Park and around the river in Limo Hire Perth kept everybody entertained as they bopped along to the latest video hits. Beautifully behaved and well mannered young ladies and gents. Of course we are available for all occasions including wedding limousine hire, school ball limo hire, winery limo tours, birthday limo tours and much more – we aim to please!

Alex and Marisa’s wedding in Joondalup was all easy going with everyone in high spirits and plenty of room in the wedding limousine for the party of eight to stretch out. Then off to the honeymoon in Las Vegas (where they met for the first time!)

Kristy and Ryan’s wedding in Fremantle was held on a beautiful sunny day recently and our silver Statesman Perth wedding limousine catered nicely for the party of ten with the extra centre door making access really easy. Lots of photos, fun and frivolity had by all.

The recent concerts at Belvoir Amphitheatre managed to dodge the showers and by all reports was a great event for our guests. Limo Hire in Perth gets a share of dodgy weather but fine is our preference. And the good weather is always a bonus for our cleaners, too! Of course we cater for school balls, weddings, parties, anything! – and funerals (for the passed ones family members).

The “fly in fly out” work deal has been interesting for us with a couple of groups of workers who live reasonably close to each other organising regular runs for airport pickups and dropoffs. Perth Limousine Hire is a classy means of  a “taxi” to and from and cost effective splitting the fee and we are guaranteed to turn up on time with our Limousine Hire Perth limos! Of course we are happy to cater for wedding car hire Perth, school ball limo hire, birthday limo hire, cruise ship transfers and all other occasions with our Perth Limo Hire stretch limos.

Brett’s bucks evening was a lively event with the guys dressed in a country and western theme and managing to get entry into each of their chosen stops and still in reasonable shape at the final drop. Best of luck to them from there! Well behaved gents the whole time  which is what we like here at Perth Limo Hire and Wedding Limousine Hire Perth.

Michelle and Luke’s wedding was a real hoot. We at Wedding Limo Hire WA managed to dodge the showers – it only rained a little during the church ceremony and the photo shoots at Kings Park and Cottesloe provided almost sunny patches for the  fun bridal party. We think this group were never going to let anything spoil their day anyway!

Cirque Du Soleil is all the rage at the moment with our guests raving over the amazing show even if there are no performing elephants. Great reviews back to our drivers at Perth Limo Hire and Limo Hire WA. World renowned performers coming all this way for us little ol’ Perthians!

We are proud members of The Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

We at Perth limo hire WA love to help our clients celebrate any happy occasion including birthdays and turning 90 years young recently was a very sprightly gent who would put most people twenty years younger than he to shame with his effervescence and energy, with all enjoying their time in our Limo Hire Perth limo. Great day out for all. We cater for all occasions of course including wedding limos, party limos, concert transfers, winery tours, funeral limos (for the family of the dearly departed) and much more.

Rachel and Brian’s wedding may have included a damp weather day but there were no damp spirits in the bridal party! Lively and laughing all afternoon as the happy crew dodged drizzle and enjoyed all. We at Limousine Hire Perth and Wedding Limos WA had umbrellas etc on hand to assist where we could. What’s that saying? – Happy wife happy life.

Forty years married? Spend the day cruising the wineries (and throw in a brewery) with the family and let’s not forget a chocolate factory on the way home. Ron and Marilyn received a surprise when the family rocked up in our Perth limo from limo hire WA to toast the day in style – and boy! did they have a ball!

The little kiddies grow up so quickly and before you know it they are off to their Year 12 school ball. Here at Perth limo hire we had a great crew recently who brought their own music instead of using our “groovy tunes” and we found them singing along to their seventies and eighties ipod selection. Unusual choice for their age but kept our limo Perth driver entertained remembering his youth!

A little sad but also happy occasion recently with the lady of the moment getting a surprise limo cruise with her closest friends touring her favourite locations. Her terminal illness didn’t stop everyone having a great time with lots of laughs as they “celebrated her life” in style.

Clients ask us from time to time if they can enjoy a relaxing alcoholic beverage in our limousine hire Perth limos. Our  answer, of course , was always “yes” but we used to have to warn them that it was technically illegal! After much lobbying by the Wedding and Limousine Owners Association with the lawmakers, we finally gained official permission for our clients to legally consume alcohol in limos. So now the bride and groom don’t have to worry about spending their wedding night in jail!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.

Turning fabulous forty recently was Kate who celebrated in fine fashion in the limo hire WA  and then See Restaurant where we are sure the staff were well entertained as well. The return trip was lots of fun with Kate and her guests guests bopping along to their favourite tunes and keeping our driver entertained also. Of course we specialise in wedding limos WA and Perth, school ball limos in Perth, Perth wedding limo hire, limo winery tours, cruise ship transfers airport transfers and all occasions including concert limos WA.

Dinner transfers are very popular and cost effective for a great evening out and we are happy to pick up the guests from one or more addresses, having them enjoy a drink or two and take in the sights on the way to a great meal with family or friends. No need to worry about whether you may have had one too many drinks, those pesky booze buses or arranging taxis – we are there to get everyone safely home at the end of the evening. It’s a very classy, convenient, cost effective and safe transport option for a great night out.

The summer season brings with it the outdoor concert events and “it’s all happening” with some great shows already entertaining our guests and plenty more to come.

The Christmas and New Year period keeps us busy with guests sometimes dressing in unusual attire and this season has been the same with a cross section of fashion. One noticeable change has been the lack of  “onesies” which were fun but are possibly now a fading memory?

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA.